Poptropica Index Logo Art Competition [OPEN]

The aim of this competition is to make the best logo art for Poptropica Index. Mashimai and I will pick the winner and the runner ups using nothing else but our eyes. To send your Poptropica Index logo art, send it to muddabacon@gmail.com (Remember to include your Poptropica name). The winner and the runner ups will win a rare account. If you want to see the first to fifth prize, you can check them out below this text.


First Prize: Shaggy Dragon

Second Prize: Golden Bubbles

Third Prize: Red Lizard

Fourth Prize: Red Lizard

Fifth Prize: Red Lizard

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Poptropica: How to get the ‘Dr Hare Deluxe Balloons’


The ‘Dr. Hare Deluxe Balloons’ is now released because the ‘Giant Rabbot’ LEGO set has now over 5,000 votes thanks to the players of Poptropica

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[PATCHED]How to Get the Flying Bird Costume!

It’s now patched since the PoptropicaAds website does not work anymore. But you can still watch it for entertainment!

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Back Lot Island Sneak Peek #1

Check this Back Lot Island sneak peek video made by ThePoptropicaVideos!

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