Poptropica Index Logo Art Competition [OPEN]

The aim of this competition is to make the best logo art for Poptropica Index. Mashimai and I will pick the winner and the runner ups using nothing else but our eyes. To send your Poptropica Index logo art, send it to muddabacon@gmail.com (Remember to include your Poptropica name). The winner and the runner ups will win a rare account. If you want to see the first to fifth prize, you can check them out below this text.


First Prize: Shaggy Dragon

Second Prize: Golden Bubbles

Third Prize: Red Lizard

Fourth Prize: Red Lizard

Fifth Prize: Red Lizard


Check out my YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePoptropicaVideos

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32 comments on “Poptropica Index Logo Art Competition [OPEN]
  1. […] a competition at Poptropica Index. If you want more details and want to join the competition, click here. The prizes will be rare […]

  2. Samwow5 says:

    Can I sponser the competion?

  3. zamarripa25 says:

    Wow nice blog Gaint Rock and I like your avatar

  4. StaraptorXD says:

    I could make one, but it’s difficult to choose from Adobe PS CS6, Adobe Flash Pro CS6 or Paint.NET. Any recommendations?

  5. Cheat Dude says:

    Can I Sponser The Comp and your vids and very nice blog

  6. Cheat Dude says:

    I Can give you the link

    But I Signed Of on my windows so i am trying to upload it to my ipod to transfer The Vids I Made If you Add Facts Put all videos made with windows live movie maker

  7. Cheat Dude says:

    I am posting it has sticky so no one will miss it and i will post your vids url And i will put the prizes click my name for proof

  8. Cheat Dude says:

    Dude can i work with you i love your blog plus i can give detail to so please can i. well please
    if its a yes you have my email address if you forget it just click edit or my wordpress username is rileyhynson

  9. Cheat Dude says:

    Okay why do you have to be like this?

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