[PATCHED]How to Get the Flying Bird Costume!

It’s now patched since the PoptropicaAds website does not work anymore. But you can still watch it for entertainment!


Check out my YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/ThePoptropicaVideos

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27 comments on “[PATCHED]How to Get the Flying Bird Costume!
  1. Cheat Dude says:

    How To Do You Post Videos? ❓

  2. Cheat Dude says:

    I Love Poptropica GC Help Like It Because Well It Tells You Glitchs And Secr!ets And I Wonder How The Creators found costumize anything !BUT I KNOW THE NEW WAY I CAN ONLY TELL YOU IF YOU SIGN UP TO MY BLOG TO BE A AUTHOR! So Giant Rock I Sent You One And You Too Mahimai 😛 :mrgreen:

  3. Cheat Dude says:

    My First, second and third Vids if you want to help out go to my blog by click my name then go to youtube video plans VIP And then enter this videos

    If Dosn’t work just tell me and comment your ideas

  4. Cheat Dude says:

    Well the pass is video or videos i will check now if it dosn’t Work i will be speking with my editor both

  5. Cheat Dude says:

    I-I I Guys my new way of h -_-

  6. Cheat Dude says:


    not this videos

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