Cheats & Glitches

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Welcome to the Cheats & Glitches page! You will see a whole list of fun little secrets you can do in Poptropica! If you want to copy the content on this page, please ask for permissions from this email address

Poptropica Index, why are you allowed to post these cheats & glitches without PoptropicaGCHelp’s permissons or crediting PoptropicaGCHelp?

Because Mashmai is the owner of PoptropicaGCHelp, therefore we are allowed to post the cheats and glitches. If you want to copy PoptropicaGCHelp’s content, please ask permissions from this email Do not dare to copy the content because we are protected by Copyscape and if you do copy, we will ask you to remove your plagiarism.

Keyboard Cheat Combinations

  • Combining Ctrl + Shift + 3 with Ctrl + Shift + 1 will make your Poptropica character laugh with a red face (Note: You have to wait until your face goes red until you can do Ctrl + Shift + 1)
  • Combining Ctrl + Shift + 3 with Ctrl + Shift + 2 will make your Poptropica character cry with a red face (Note: You have to wait until your face goes red until you can do Ctrl + Shift + 2)
  • Combining Ctrl + Shift + 3 with Ctrl + Shift + 4 will make your Poptropica character jump in joy with a red face (Note: You have to wait until your face goes red until you can do Ctrl + Shift + 4)


Handheld Glitches


Costume Glitches

 Navigator Costume:

While you are acting as a Navigator in Back Lot Island, you must immediately go to your backpack/inventory and you use any item that “Turn on” and “Take off”. After you do that reload Poptropica, login again then you have the Navigator costume.

Normal Glitches

If you have anymore cheats or glitches, please send it to this email address

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